I choose to be present. 
In every moment and lingering feeling.
I choose to feel the ground below me.
Let the vibrations shudder through me.
The tightness in the chest, as the heart beats a little faster.
It has found resolve in being aligned with time.
Not a beat ahead or a second behind.
With every breath, with every rise and fall of the chest,
I stand a little taller.
I choose to be present.
Make use of warmth
Bought by the touch of skin.
Hands revealing maps of lesser travelled routes.
Determined to follow what we know.
I choose to be free.
From the constraints of history lessons and future plans.
I choose to soar.
To be amongst  the stars.
Let the sun soak into the depths of my skin.
Let the moon make me glisten.
I choose to live.
Right here.
Right now.


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