Walking street curbs
In acquirsition of the next fix.
To fill a hole.
Numb it even,
To briefly forget the pain.
Melt into crowds,
To drown out the whispers.
I am haunted.
Where ever I go.
The street corners laced with memories.

We can chose to let memories suffocate us or let us breathe sighs of nostalgia.

Crinkled diaries,



When the rain stopped.
The umbrella collapsed.
The handle used to prop my chin.
Was it not for the rain that drenched my sides.
My dryness would be a reflection of your protection,
My mood of equal importance.
Thus why so sad?
The glum on my face was not from the cleanse.
But more from missing the unity.
For a brief moment
Under one shelter,
I never felt closer.

As I closed my umbrella, placed the handle under my chin I let my imagination run a cinematic scene. When I was younger I envisioned perfect life scenes, I would play them out in my head and imagine the feelings I would attach to them. I grew up wanting a fairytale romance, every moment to be a declaration of love. I later discovered it was more about being a lover of details. So enjoy my details, let it make you feel warm and fuzzy on these winter nights.

Warm embraces,


27 – Grateful

27 years of breathing, yet the first breath was the most important. The opening sequence of life was filled with dramatic cliffhangers and twists. They say begin as you mean to go on. The doctors were certain I was dead; there was no movement or heartbeat after my mother had been in labour for 48 hours. Regardless, I was in need of being delivered, so my mother allowed them to cut her open. This act of love was just the start in a lifetime of sacrifices. Moments passed until a cry echoed through the sterile environment, the doctor shed tears and said “You are very lucky, your daughter is special, she came back to you”. I guess this is where it started the fight to stay alive against my own conditions.
Fast forward a few years I spent my teens in angst, self-harming and self-loathing. Forced to grow beyond my years. As a young adult I fought with demons until they overwhelmed me and drove my sanity into darkness. How did the little girl who fought to exist in the world end up sitting in a pool of sadness, ready to embrace death. This was 4 years ago. If you told me then that I would be welcoming 27, I would have laughed cynically. Those years I was insecure, afraid of being loved, unable to ascertain what I needed and who I wanted. Although I still do not have a sense of direction I am firm in who I am, what I value and why I do what I do.

The first thought of 27 was being grateful to be alive. I didn’t think I would make it this far with a heart which has been thawed of self-loathing and been replaced with love. The near misses life issued had bought me close to death only to remind me to live again. These recurrent exposures instilled in me the fire required to remember the importance of time and me in this equation of life.

Quality and progression is similar to net profit. This measure is based on the currency that you value yourself at. If the expenses are things you do for others and gross profit is things you do for yourself. Then calculate whether your balance is negative or positive. Sometimes these activities can both cause expenses and gross profit for example work. A job you enjoy which causes fulfilment in growth will create gross income but if it also requires depreciating yourself to help the company succeed the quality and progression of life deplete.

The best piece of advice I got was from 2 former managers, one was from my very first manager “The most anyone will say to you is no, but if you don’t ask you will never know” and the other from a manager turned friend, “Remember your value and do not settle.” No one can set your currency, that comes from your self-belief and you carrying out a valuation of your skill set. We all bring something unique to the world. It’s about finding our niche and embracing it. Unless we take the time set our threshold of what’s acceptable for remunation of our time and talent, everyone else will exploit it and pay it below its worth therefore your expenditure increases and your net profit remains negative.

So as I enter 27 I am grateful for life and knowing my worth as I get ready for a world where I am assure of myself and know this is a mast to lead me to the next chapter: Direction.

Happy Birthday Shahe


I asked to climb through his branches,
Look at his leaves.
Knowing the importance of each one.
Taking my time to read the inscription of his life.
Thinking this is my last chance.
Once he was so smooth,
But age has roughened him.
Each dip an experience.
Each edge a near miss.
Each bump a memory
At his base, a crack from the woman who tried to saw him down.
She too climbed through his branches,
And caused shedding of leaves which never regrow!
She burned his life to the ground.
And now he lives closed off and never blooms.
Their secrets hidden in the trunk.
His reluctance to allow me up.
But my soothing voice like a gentle breeze;
Spellbounds him and delivers shivers down his roots.
Moving him to the beat of the wind.
As I reach higher and higher.
The branches become more fragile.
If not careful, I could be the result of his breakdown.
So I jump down into the pit of his fallen autumn leaves.
And decided to start there.
Learn all his falls, lost memories, all of his insignificant significant memories.
Revising his past endeavours so I could best support his new ones.
Now my dream is to strengthen him.
So one day we can both reach the top;
And be enriched by the sun.

Updated this old piece from 2015. That year I developed so much love for trees which has never wavered since. I saw everything in life being relatable to the life of a tree. It gave me hope and it pleased my eyes. I reread this poem and it is one of my favourite pieces to date, but as we age our art becomes defined so I felt it was time for 26 year old me to correct 22 year old me.


Broken Attraction

Traumas cause us to become heroes in our own story. Many times this rise from adversity creates a euphoric high and provides a set of skills which we believe can be used to save others. This leads to the creation of the hero complex – an unprescented need to save others, to be the hero you needed during your adversities. It can start off as a nobel quest, but the knowledge that you changed someones life – made it better even, feeds the ego slowly and it soon becomes an addiction. The happiness of another becomes a validation for yourself. So we form relationships with unconscious hidden agendas, subconsciously looking for individuals who look like victims, who may need ‘saving’ so we can exercise and fuel our hero complex. Along the way we started believing our “act of selflessness” gave us a sense of importance and purpose. In brief moments, the ego is boosted by feeling wanted and needed as you are relied upon as a clutch. At the beginning it can infatuating and somewhat fulfilling, but later you find yourself questioning whether you really loved the person or the person you were trying to mould. Thus, we enter relationships with the fake notion of love, and believe our love will be their saviour.

There is no way to love the broken out of someone. When a person is not ready to move or change their mind set, no amount of love, words and affection will be able to rescue them. Instead you will deplete your energy and be left with a feeling of unconscious resentment. Ultimately the hero complex and our ego will not be able to handle the losses, and what was once empathy will become anger in its disguise. That doesn’t mean broken humans are not worth loving, because honestly who isn’t broken, it’s remembering it was never our job to love the broken out of someone. Someone will heal him, but just because you have the ability to be his beacon in the darkness, it doesn’t mean you should sell yourself short. It’s hard enough others emotionally blackmailing us to make a certain decision, then why do it to ourselves. Why do we tell ourselves: no-one will be able to love him like I do, no one will be able to heal him and put him on the right path. Why do we have to commit ourselves to be the hero in his fairytale? Recognition of the unhealthy thought process of the hero complex will allow us to form relationships with people for who they are and not who we want them to be. It’s unfair on the other person to have expectations and place conditions on your love. It’s never our duty to mother a person to success. We can support but we can’t expect ourselves to be able to carry them to their final destination. They need to walk there by themselves, to ensure that’s where they want to be. Otherwise the journey will be incomplete and they will revert back to the old direction. And this divergence can occur the next day or over years. A person needs to be able to survive without you, that’s why you support and do not carry, as that process will teach them the skills for survival.

Just like the existence of the hero complex, there is such a thing as a victim complex. A person who seeks someone to save them. Where they place their fate on another person’s capability to rescue them. These expectations are unrealistic and unfortunately create a cycle of need. And on the occasion your significant other can’t save you, you believe they are deficient in loving you. Inadvently creating strain on your relationship. This complex will lead you to be attracted to danger to place yourself in situations which require saving despite their inner dialogue advising them against it. Heroes express their love by saving whilst victims quantify another’s love by being saved. This damsel and saviour relationships are what we are exposed to throughout our life from the fairy tales to the movies. Whilst for some these relationships work, the inorganic nature created by both the victim and hero complex hinder growth of the individuals and lead to resentment due to the unfulfilling nature of the relationship. If you have had a series of failed relationships, it is highly possible there is a common dominator and you might find the traits discussed above sound familiar. The single most powerful quote I have heard in my lifetime is “We cannot expect different results by doing the same thing over and over again.” To break a cycle, we need to take the time to have an honest conversation with ourselves, actively look at where we are going wrong rather than wait to be told. So maybe your first step is to identify whether you exhibit either of these complexes.

I wrote this piece months ago after a deep discussion with my friend Kheron and it expanded further when I spoke to two other power females – Lotte and Luna. During these discussions I coined the term hero complex, and recognised I had shifted over the years from victim to hero complex due to a lack of self love. I did not respect my self worth, therefore left it in the admiration of my heroic action. I hope this post starts an inner dialogue and you can relate to it’s content.

From the sky full of suns and stars,


Limited Time

We forget everyone’s time on earth is limited. What we would do if we had just one more day with our loved ones… As I held his hand and things looked bleak I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of regret. He couldn’t leave this earth not knowing how much I loved him. I never wanted him to think that he wasn’t an occupant of my heart. Allah works in mysterious ways, because he recovered and some how I got a second chance. So I read this again and again, reminding myself time is limited but love isn’t.

Warmest cuddles,



*Warning: Explicit – use of foul language and reference to sexual terms.

It’s painful to be thought of as a piece of meat. That all we are, are vessels to insert your parts into. I am not a pretty face or a body, I never have been. I’ve spent time cultivating my mind broadening my soul. So I am more than my body. More than a sex toy to fling once the job is done. But that is all you see. That is all they have ever seen. And despite the efforts to change this, I am still just seen as a fuck and a chuck. My skin crawls with the thoughts of what they must say in their groups about me. I am not the prettiest flower in the bunch but I know I have assets which are number one seller for sex degrading magazines. So now knowing what you say about me, about other women I feel uncomfortable in my skin and in my body. I have spent endless hours developing self confidence and love knowing I am more than the appeal and the crave. No matter how wholesome or skimpy, the respect of a man does not come easy. There is no criteria. My kind heart seems to be a stepping stone, my responses invitations to my bed and my manners scream vagina and dick. And the next time I meet someone I will never know are they entertained by what’s above or is it what’s below that they crave.

I actually wrote this as a diary entry when I was full of anger and sadness. I had no where to displace these feelings other than pen and paper. I read it back recently and realised it was powerful. This is for the men who forget to respect and the woman who thinks she’s nothing more than the sex appeal. We are defiant and strong and much more than just our body, despite the action of others and we mustn’t forget this.

Confidently standing,



I think I spent a large proportion of my life believing that another person was going to provide me with the above experience. Putting that much faith and hope in another person, who has yet to become a pillar in your life is a recipe for disaster. The dessert will become sour quickly and burnout. We should never put our emotional intelligence in the hands of another, its unfair on them and ourselves. People are top ups in our lives, the sprinkles and the sparkle, that make it look better but without them the fundamentals are still satisfying. These foundations are only as strong as YOU make them.

Self discovery can happen with or without another person, we just need to be open to answering the questions we avoid truthfully.

Honey beats,


Self Respect

Somewhere along the line I lost respect for myself. It no longer mattered who I wanted to be, how I pictured myself. It only mattered how I was to others, how I could distort my pieces to fit the jigsaw of others.

What happened? Why did I find it difficult to be outside social norms… Where these norms have changed to be unhealthy for the soul and fuel it with dark energy. Certain habits have become a fixature in society and rather than combating them, they are celebrated. So when it comes to challenging our actions it becomes easy to blame society and hence our ignorance. But expanding our mind beyond the four walls of education and the two sighted vision, is where we elevate our thinking. You learn what it is to be human and can no longer blame society. I still have a lot to learn but in some aspects I am no longer ignorant. Therefore I cannot say I simply do not know.

Align yourself to be different, to feel comfortable to go against the grain. Acknowledge that knot in your stomach – telling you this isn’t right. Don’t ignore that inner voice, it’s trying to makesure your actions are parallel to your soul – ensuring you are both heading in the same direction. Listening to the inner voice, being comfortable with your decisions and actions despite what others say is a large component of self love. Love starts with respect so only by respecting ourselves are we able to begin that transition to love.

Happy Fridays folks I wrote this piece on the 7th August 2015, when I started my journey of self-discovery. Now I am proud to go against the grain. Be a spark by being you – it shines better.

Escaping self doubt,